What's New

Aabs Animals In addition to the globalization of our environment, we decided to make the development open. To be precise, we will open up the creation of animals’ asset to the individual creators.
According to the sales, we will pay the loyalties to them. We will explain and update the details on the site. http://www.aabs.co.jp/creators.html
(The site update supports only Japanese language for the time being.)
(2015.08.06 YYYYMMDD)

Developed by Unreal Engine 4. (except PS Vita & PS3)
For PS4 & Xbox One, we are waiting for SCE & MS addressing IARC.
The release estimate is within several months.
If MS addressing delays, we will decide not to release in Xbox One.


facebook https://www.facebook.com/AabsInc
twitter https://twitter.com/AabsInc


Date(YYYYMMDD) Factor Donation Japanese Yen
2016.04.30 Kumamoto & Oita Earthquakes Kumamoto City Animal Welfare Promotion Council 10,000
2016.04.30 Kumamoto & Oita Earthquakes Japanese Red Cross Society 10,000
2016.04.30 Kumamoto & Oita Earthquakes DMM.com 3,000
2016.04.30 Ecuador Earthquake Japanese Red Cross Society 10,000
2015.05.02 Nepal Earthquake International Medical Corps 10,000
2015.05.01 Nepal Earthquake Yahoo!Japan 10,000
2014.06.04 Floods in Serbia Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Japan 30,000
2014.03.10 Cats & Kittens Tokyo Cat Guardian(NPO) 30,000
2014.01.17 Syrian Refugees UNHCR 30,000
2013.11.18 Philippines Typhoon Japanese Red Cross Society 30,000
2013.04.26 Great East Japan Earthquake Fukushima animal rescue headquarters 29,999
2013.03.10 Great East Japan Earthquake Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue 10,000